Protecting water quality, coastal eco-systems and fisheries

Water is a vital natural resource and key to healthy communities, balanced ecosystems, as well as to the preservation of wildlife habitat. 
At J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI), we monitor our use of water carefully throughout our operations and manufacturing processes, focusing on reduction, recycling, and purification strategies. 

Irving Pulp & Paper was the first company in the world to apply reverse osmosis on a massive scale to filter the water used in the pulp making process. It's the same simple system used by municipalities and homeowners to purify drinking water and has proven benefits for aquatic ecosystems and fish health.

Irving Shipbuilding is supporting marine science projects at six universities.

Atlantic Towing was the first Atlantic Canadian ship owner to join Green Marine, the first program of its kind in North America, improving environmental performance beyond regulatory compliance in areas such as invasive species, cargo residues, and oily waters.

In partnership with Clean Nova Scotia, Irving Shipbuilding has launched the innovative Atlantic Reef Ball Program, creating habitat for marine life in shallow coastal waters.

JDI is also active in researching and preserving endangered coastal eco-systems and the wildlife and plants that depend on them.

We are proud of our award-winning leadership in conserving wild Atlantic salmon through research and restoration efforts on the lakes, rivers and streams in the woodlands JDI owns or manages, and in youth education programs that focus on conserving salmon and its habitat.

In our forestry operations, JDI ensures appropriate buffers between streams or other water bodies, to prevent erosion.

For more in-depth information on JDI's healthy water initiatives, see the research and publications, newsroom and awards below.

Research and Publications

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