Customized international shipping and global logistics services

Kent Line has the depth of resources and well-established reputation to serve you better. Our dynamic history spans more than 65 years, serving some of the world's largest vessel owners.


With a long legacy of superior customer service and customized solutions, Kent Line is the right company for your Agency requirements. 


Kent Line has the largest and best-equipped agency in Saint John, New Brunswick, serving eastern Canada. We are the only agency in Saint John with a bonded storage warehouse.


Kent Line is a member of JDI Transportation and Logistics Division, providing a comprehensive range of road, rail, marine and logistics services to the global market.


Kent Line's services include:


  • General Port Agency
  • Owner’s Protective Agency
  • Full Husbandry
  • A Bonded Warehouse
  • Specialized Marine Project Support


As a leading Marine Transportation solution provider, Kent Line offers a number of progressive operational, commercial and agency positions. Kent Line careers include:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Logistics
  • Documentation
  • Operations
  • Boarding Clerk
  • Business Manager

Finding a better way

Kent Line is committed to respecting the environment

At all times in every aspect of our business, we operate in full compliance with applicable legislation. Our highly experienced personnel are committed to working with our customers to ensure legal and regulatory compliance, eliminating the risk of any environmental mishaps.

In addition, Kent Line is committed to reducing energy consumption and diverting waste from landfill.