World-class pulp quality and world first innovation for the environment

Irving Pulp & Paper produces softwood and hardwood grades of kraft pulp. We specialize in fibre for premium tissue products in global markets, producing exceptional tissue quality NBSK pulp.

Our mill has received international recognition for environmental performance and innovation. Irving Pulp & Paper is the first pulp mill in the world to apply reverse osmosis for treatment of effluent discharges.

Irving Pulp & Paper has achieved ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certification ensuring the highest standard at all levels of the manufacturing process

Our integrated rail, truck and ocean service ensures cost-effective and flexible delivery and warehouse managed inventory supports just-in-time shipments. Situated close to two year-round deep-water ports enables us to deliver products worldwide.

Irving Pulp & Paper products include:

         • Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK)
         • Northern Bleached Hardwood Kraft (NBHK)

Annual Capacity: 335,000 Tonnes /Year

Employees: 335

Celebrating the Completion of Phase 2!

$40 Million Investment at Irving Pulp & Paper and Irving Tissue

Sustainability Report

Grades: NBSK, NBHK, Maple

Irving Pulp & Paper Product Specifications

 CSR IPP 2016



    Irving Pulp & Paper operates a world class facility with the latest technology in Saint John, New Brunswick. We are committed to supplying a consistently high level of pulp and paper quality through a mill team dedicated to excellence. Irving Pulp & Paper career opportunities include:

    • Project Engineering
    • Environmental Coordinator
    • Maintenance
    • Equipment Operator
    • Finishing & Shipping Operator
    • Health & Safety
    • Sales Representative
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Claims Analyst
    • Account Manager
    • Human Resources

    Finding a better way

    Developing innovative new ways

    Irving Pulp & Paper underwent a complete Environmental Impact Assessment to meet government regulations. Following this assessment and after researching other options, the mill decided to go in an unprecedented direction.

    Irving Pulp & Paper applies pollution prevention technologies to ensure environmental stewardship. Irving Pulp & Paper would break new ground in the industry by preventing pollution at the source, inside the mill, before it exited the pipe.

    The result? An innovative new approach that was complementary to the Environment Canada initiative for Pollution Prevention.