A steady stream of sustainable energy

St. George Power Limited Partnership (SGPLP) operates a hydroelectric facility on the Magaguadavic River in St. George, New Brunswick. 

Extensively redeveloped and upgraded, St. George Power has a current annual generating capacity of approximately 45,000 MWHr of electricity generated from 2 turbines having a combined maximum capacity of 15 MW. 

As a "run of river" dam, water that naturally flows from the river turns the turbines in the dam. On average, St. George Power generates enough green energy to supply electricity to approximately 2,500 New Brunswick homes.

The St. George Power hydroelectric facility has been green certified by Terrachoice under Environment Canada's EcoLogo Certification program.

The dam at St. George has been part of the community for over a century


Our growth is your opportunity

As part of the St. George Power hydroelectric facility team, you are bright, energetic, and safety conscious. St. George Power range of employment opportunities including:

Finding a better way

Streamlining fish migration

St. George Power hydroelectric facility's recent modernization included significant improvements to the fish passage gate to accommodate annual fish migration. The centre gate of the dam has a smaller gate that can be operated remotely allowing the downstream flow of fish.

All diadromous fish (migrate between salt and fresh water as part of their lifecycle) will pass the hydroelectric dam during migration. Three species known to migrate past the dam are Atlantic salmon, alewife and American eel.

"We are committed to the management and movement of fish," said Renée Morais, Environmental Coordinator, J.D. Irving, Limited. "St. George Power works with Fisheries and Oceans Canada as well as other stakeholders to continually improve our processes. This modernization investment goes a long way to ensure our operation is environmentally sustainable for the future."