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Company Information

Juniper Farms, headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, is a member of the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association. Juniper Farms owns a private land peat bog in the province of New Brunswick and also operates a state-of-the-art 100,000 sq. ft. processing facility adjacent to its peat bog.

Certifications and Horticulture Market

Juniper Farms is now Veriflora certified for sustainable and responsible peatlands management and peat moss production. The rigorous Veriflora certification program recognizes Juniper Organics for producing peat moss in compliance with stringent environmental, social and product-quality standards. The company currently uses Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss in formulated mixes for retail and professional consumers located in Canada, the US and several Caribbean markets. In addition to Veriflora certification, Juniper Farms also has several products that are certified “Organic” and listed with OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute). 

Retail Product Labels

In addition to offering quality, formulated growing mixes for retail and professional markets, Juniper Farms also specializes in producing a full line of retail soil amendments, compost and mulches for markets in Canada and the Northeast United States. Juniper Farms is currently producing and selling these products to major Canadian and U.S. retailers in addition to producing for several major private label brands. Juniper Farms currently owns and produces products under the following labels:

1. Juniper Farms
2. Northeast Gardener
3. Happy Brook
4. Backyard Naturals

Materials and Products

Juniper Farms is proud to source their raw materials locally enabling all finished products to be produced internally onsite at the Juniper manufacturing facility. Juniper Farms growing mixes, soil amendments, compost and mulch products include:  

Growing Mix, Soil Amendments, Compost and Peat Moss:

• All-Purpose Topsoil – 1 cu. ft. size
• Premium Potting Soil – 1 cu. ft. / 2 cu. ft. / 8 Quart / 16 Quart sizes
• Multi-Mix 3-in-1 – 1 cu. ft. size
• Enriched Lawn Soil – 1 cu. ft. size
• Composted Farmyard Manure – 33 lb./15 kg size
• Seafood Compost – 33 lb./15 kg size 
• Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss – 2 cu. ft. / 3.0 cu. ft / 3.8 cu. ft bale sizes and 110 cu. ft. tower size
• Professional Growing Mix – 3.8 cu. ft. bale size / 80L bag size

Mulch products include:  

• Red Cedar Mulch – 2.0 cu. ft. size
• Black Cedar Mulch – 2.0 cu. ft. size
• Natural Cedar Mulch  – 2.0 cu. ft. size
• Brown Cedar Mulch – 2.0 cu. ft. size
• Hemlock Mulch – 2.0 cu. ft. size


Juniper Farms during the peak lawn and garden season routinely ships in excess of 30 loads per day using various trucking configurations including flatbed trailers, enclosed dry vans and shipping containers for export markets. Juniper Farms is integrated with several major carriers including Sunbury Transport and Midland.

Contact Information

We work hard to offer premium products at a great price. We’re proud to produce it all right here at Juniper Farms. And we are proud to do it for you.

It really is The Good Stuff.
137 Juniper Road
Juniper, New Brunswick
E7L 1 G8

Phone: 1-800-518-7999 or 1-506-246-5614


    Located in Juniper, New Brunswick, Juniper Farms peat harvesting and processing business serves major brand and private label retailers across Canada. Juniper Farms career opportunities include:

    Peat Bog Operator (seasonal)
    Forklift Operators
    Loader Operators
    General Labourers

    Current Opportunities

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