Quality parent rolls of tissue for leading consumer brands

Irving Tissue produces quality parent rolls of tissue, providing the strength and softness that have made our leading consumer and private label brands the choice of customers throughout North America.

Our quality management system ensures the highest standards at all levels of the manufacturing process.  We produce the full range of premium consumer tissue parent rolls for shipment to Irving Tissue Moncton Converting, using softwood and maple pulp.

Annual Capacity: 80,000 Tonnes / Year

Employees: 106

Paper Machines: 2

Grades: Royale™, Majesta™, Premium Private Label (Facial, Bath, Towel, Napkin)

 CSR ITC 2016 v2




    Irving Tissue produces premium quality parent rolls for conversion into a full range of consumer tissue products at its plant located in Dieppe, New Brunswick. Irving Tissue career opportunities include:

    • Project Engineering
    • Environmental Coordinator
    • Maintenance
    • Equipment Operator
    • Finishing & Shipping Operator
    • Health & Safety
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Claims Analyst
    • Human Resources

    Finding a better way

    Taking care from trees to tissue

    Our business begins with the forest. JDI's role as stewards of the land is one of the most important we play. We depend on the renewable forest resource for the wood supply that sustains thousands of jobs and an integrated value chain - from trees to tissue.  

    Through JDI's Sustainable Forest Management initiatives, we are guided by a 100 year Management Plan that ensures sustainability and responsible stewardship of the environment, water, wildlife and timber resources. All operations are regularly and independently audited according to ISO 14000 environmental standards and certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) forest certification.