Delivering unbeatable taste and customer service all year round

Delivering unbeatable taste and customer service all year round

Cavendish Farms produces quality frozen and fresh potato and appetizer products for the North American and international foodservice industry, supplying the restaurant and institutional sectors. 

Our cutting-edge Cavendish Culinary Creation Centre, in addition to our partnership with the College and the Culinary Institute of Canada in Canada's Smartest Kitchen, allows us to continuously create exciting new menu items and innovative food solutions that help you reduce your labour costs, reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction. 

Cavendish Farms operates six world class food processing plants.  Potato production takes place in some of the best potato growing areas in the world. We have two facilities on Prince Edward Island, one in Lethbridge, Alberta, and one in Jamestown, North Dakota. Our appetizer and toppings facility in Wheatley is located in the agricultural heartland of Southern Ontario. Our fresh potato processing plant is in O’Leary, Prince Edward Island.


Cavendish Farms has two state-of-the-art potato processing plants in PEI, one in Lethbridge, AB and another in Jamestown, ND. Headquartered in Dieppe, NB, the company also operates an appetizer plant in Wheatley, ON, a fresh processing plant in O’Leary, PEI and has sales office locations in Toronto, Montreal and Boston. Cavendish Farms foodservice career opportunities include: 

Customer Services Coordinator
Accounts Payable
Power Engineer
Logistics Analyst
Packaging Checker
Production Assistant
Industrial Electrician
Account Manager
International Sales Coordinator
HACCP Supervisor

Finding a better way

Environmental responsibility of the Cavendish Farms Prospect potato

As a leading processor of frozen potato products, Cavendish Farms offers customers a golden opportunity: an environmentally friendly potato variety that is consistent in quality. The potato variety, Prospect, for which Cavendish Farms has exclusive world-wide rights, has a proven track record with seven years in commercial production and 12 years in a research program.  

The Prospect potato offers the same high quality and unbeatable taste as other types of potatoes but it is earlier maturing than Russet Burbank, delivers higher yield per acre, uses less water and fertilizer, and no soil fumigation is required because of its resistance to most field diseases.  

Overall, Prospect has a lower impact on the environment while offering the same great taste and performance of its Burbank cousin.