Celebrating Earth Day 2017

Earth Day is April 22, 2017 and to celebrate, we're sharing some environmental highlights from our businesses.

Pulp & Paper Division Highlights
Using LESS Water
In the last three years the pulp and paper division reduced water use by 169,773 M3 – that’s enough to fill 68 Olympic sized swimming pools!

Air Quality
In the past three years we made a 30% reduction in SO2 air emissions in our forest products operations.

Reducing GHGs 
Green House Gas Emissions reduced by 23% in the last three years in our forest products operations.

Driving Improvement
Andrew Fisher, general manager of RST Sunbury on how technology like aerodynamic skirts and auxiliary power units save fuel.

On the Right Track
Ian Simpson, our general manager of NBM Railways talks improved fuel efficiency - 1 million litres less!

Sea-ing a Green Future
This happy earth day message comes from the newly christened Paul A. Sacuta in it's home port of St. John's NL. The ship fulfills today’s highest environmental standards with both “Clean Design” and “Green Passport” international certifications

Environmental Roots

JDI planted over 17 million trees last summer! In total, JDI has planted nearly a billion trees since 1957. That’s a national record in Canada! The trees we plant, mean our operations are a net carbon sink.

A Healthy Forest Future

At JDI, more than 100 forest professionals care for healthy, environmentally certified, well-managed forests. They wanted to wish you a happy earth day. See their clips from the woods here:

Charles Neveau, Block Planner, Northern NB Woodlands:

The staff at the Sussex Tree Lab and Nursery:

The theme of Earth Day 2017 is Earth Play, encouraging people young and old to get outside and explore nature. We have two favorite spots we’d recommend:
o La Dune

o Irving Nature Park