J.D. Irving, Limited Forecasts Hiring Over 8,600 between 2017 and 2019

January 11, 2016:

Over the next three years, we are forecasting over 8,600 hires across our operations in Canada and the U.S. The forecast is the result of retirements, anticipated business growth, and normal workforce turnover.

89% of jobs in Atlantic Canada

“When we look at our three-year forecast from 2017-2019, 89% of the jobs we need to fill are in the Atlantic provinces,” said Jeff Green, Director, Talent Recruitment with JDI. “70% of those jobs are in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia alone.” 

Across our organization, the operations with the highest number of job opportunities include retail business, manufacturing, shipbuilding, shipping, supply chain and logistics, and engineering. 

 Our Hiring forecast 2017-2019

Skilled Trades Demand 

In the next three years, J.D. Irving, Limited forecasts hiring for over 860 skilled trades jobs across our Canadian and US operations. 88% of these skilled trades jobs are in Atlantic Canada. The remaining 12% are in Canada (Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta) and the United States (Maine, North Dakota, and New York). 

We partner with groups to help the next generation discover careers in trades with SuperNova summer camps, New Brunswick Teen Apprenticeship program, and our 2016 premier sponsorship of Skills Canada’s National Skilled Trades Competition

You have Potential. We have Opportunity. 

As we recruit the workforce of the future, we are also working with great partners - local universities and community colleges. We are reaching out with co-op programs, case competitions, equipment donations, scholarships, and career fairs. With Pathways to Shipbuilding and Women Unlimited we are changing the face of shipbuilding, connecting First Nations, African Canadians, and women to careers in trades.

A Look Back

From 2014 to 2016 we hired 10,233 across our operations; 4043 in 2016, 3139 in 2015, and 3051 in 2014. Jacques, Hilary, Emmanuella and Andrew are four examples of the 10,233 we hired in the last three years. 



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