Parlee Brook Natural Amphitheatre

January 29, 2016: 

J.D. Irving, Limited’s (JDI) award-winning Unique Areas Program focuses on the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage sites located in the forests we own and manage. 

Among those conserved areas is the Parlee Brook Amphitheatre, located in Southeastern New Brunswick, near Sussex. At an elevation of 330 meters above sea level, this natural formation drops down into the brook in a “U” shape, creating a natural theatre effect, allowing the softest sounds to echo off its walls.  

During the winter, trained climbing professionals repel down the cliff over the thick layers of ice that form. The ice absorbs yellow and red light, but refracts the green to blue colors of the spectrum. This creates a colorful effect that plays across the sheets of ice, creating a unique and beautiful visual.  

Parlee Brook Natural Amphitheatre

“Many people believe you have to be in the Rocky’s or Europe to witness great ice climbing, but there’s beautiful ice and seasoned climbers at Parlee Brook,” says Kelly Honeyman, Chief Naturalist at JDI.  “It’s a great place to snowshoe into with a lunch and watch climbers make their way up the wall of ice, which, because of the reflected light, is an incredible sight.. ”

Parlee Brook is just one of more than 1,180 sites within JDI’s Unique Areas conservation program. JDI considers conservation within the forests we own and manage one of our most important endeavors. Through partnerships, employing educated professionals, and training those on the ground, we are able to ensure the preservation of natural landscapes like Parlee Brook.